Beko Washing Machines

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Beko Washing Machines are designed with the consumer at their heart. Beko Washing Machines range from 5kg capacity to 12kg, so there's a washing machine for almost any household. Beko appliances are designed with a straight to the point approach, that focuses on the necessities and strips away the "bells and whistles", saving you money in the process. Beko Washing Machines are highly focussed to be energy efficient so not only are the appliances inexpense but also keep the cost of the bills down aswell.

We often have a range of Beko Washing Machines available, from Freestanding washing machines to to integrated washing machines, so whatever the layout of your kitchen, you can be sure that we have the model to suit.

NewLife Appliances offer 3 different condition ranges for our appliances. We offer Brand New, Graded (nearly new) and our very own Refurbished line. Our Refurbished goods are repaired and reinstated to be as relaible as a Brand New or Graded item and we clean them inside and out to ensure that are of the utmost standard, ready for use in your kitchen.

Together we can keep perfectly functional appliances out of landfill and into your home, providing great value for you. To give you peace of mind, we supply all of our in-house Refurbished goods with a 12 month warranty. If you have any questions about a product or service, please call the telephone number present on the top left of our homepage.

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