Beko Tumble Dryers

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If you are looking for an efficient way of keep costs low when drying, then you should consider opting for Beko Tumble Dryers, particularly Heat Pump Tumble Dryers. We offer Heat Pump, Vented and Condenser Beko Tumble Dryers on a regular basis. Beko strive to ensure that their Tumble Dryers are made as energy efficiently as possible to guarantee that your energy bills are kept to a minimum.

Among the newer Beko Tumble Dryers, you can enjoy the benefits of RapiDry technology, which allows your Tumble Dryer to dry clothes on a shorter cycle, while maintaining A+ efficiency. Beko offer up to 8kg capacity in their Tumble Dryers, so you have the ability to dry up to 22 hand towels in one load.

NewLife Appliances can offer 3 different condition types: Brand New in box, Graded (nearly new) and our special Refurbished line of goods. Our Refurbished appliances are throughly checked and tested by our professional engineers to ensure they are as solid as the day they came out of the packaging. We then clean and wrap the products so they arrive to you in the best possible condition.

Together we can keep perfectly functional appliances out of landfill and into your home, providing great value for you. To give you peace of mind, we supply all of our in-house Refurbished goods with a 12 month warranty. If you have any questions about a product or service, please call the telephone number present on the top left of our homepage.

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