Our Products -  There are 3 levels of product we sell.

"New" Appliances

These items are listed under the 'New' Condition Category, so you can be sure they come in the manufacturer's original packaging.

Note: Packaging may contain minor cosmetic imperfections. 

Grade A and Grade B Appliances

An item listed in these condition categorys are what was known as the old 'Graded (Nearly New)' condition category.  Having Grade A and B gives you a clearer indication of the amount of imperfections to expect.

Grade A have little or no imperfections, whereas Grade B may have several minor or moderate imperfections.  We try to take photographs of imperfections where observed, or at the very least, we describe the imperfections in the item's "Condition Description".  Imperfections, could be anything from scratches, marks and dints to cracks and missing parts.

Generally items that are new and unused but have lost their original manufacturer packaging along the way.  The item can have sustained imperfections, but if this is the case, we will certainly mention and photograph them within the listing.  If you have any doubt about a graded appliances condition, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0330 058 0980 

All our graded appliances are uniquely assesed and as such, they are listed individually with a unique condition description and include photos specific to that particular item. Any specific dents, marks or scuffs will be described in the listing conditions and visible in the photographs. 

All appliances are tested so washing machines and dishwashers may contain residual water within the pipes from the wet test phase. Original instruction manuals and other paperwork can often be found supplied with these items but please appreciate that not all items have them available. However, these can more often than not be downloaded free of charge from the internet by searching under the product model number. 

We cannot guarantee that our graded items come with all of the parts that brand new, packaged items may come with, such as transit bolts and instruction manuals.

It’s for all the reasons above that you can enjoy such great products with such great price reductions from the Recommended Retail Price. 

"Refurbished" Appliances

At our core, we are keeping ‘thrown away white goods’ out of landfill and offering customers genuinely great prices on genuinely great products that still have plenty of life left in them. Call them what you will... ‘Second hand’...’Upcycled’... ‘Preloved’, we pride ourselves on doing the right thing by putting the best of these items back onto the market for a ‘NewLife’!

When a re-use machine comes into our workshop we don’t have any information on its history, so we can’t be certain how old it is or what, if anything was wrong. What we can tell you is that every machine that passes through the NewLife workshop is PAT tested to ensure it is electrically safe, function tested by qualified engineers to make sure all the buttons & function work, and then valeted to ensure the machine looks and feels its absolute best both inside and out. Total reassurance on your rejuvenated appliance. Original instruction manuals aren’t something that travel with refurbished products, so your new appliance will probably not have one. However, these can be downloaded free of charge from the internet by searching under the product model number.