Why We Recommend Not Using Your Ovens Self-Clean Function

The self-cleaning feature on an oven is a great idea. Cleaning your oven can be a massive chore at the best of times and the thought of pressing a couple buttons and leaving it does very appealing. We are not saying that you should never use it, but we definitely recommend you don’t over use it.

why not to use your ovens self clean function

It’s not unusual to want to give our kitchens a big ol’ deep clean before hosting a party. Amongst all the pressure it can be very easy to try and cut a few corners and simply set the oven onto self-clean. The main problem with the self-clean is the way in which it works. It basically sets your oven to incredibly hot temperatures (around 500°C) so it burns anything that’s inside there. Reaching this heat puts a large amount of strain on the ovens components and makes it more likely to break down. – the last thing you want before hosting your dinner party.

Appliance guru and Redditor zjunk explains it like this:

Thanksgiving is almost here in the States. Having worked for a major appliance maker, I learned something interesting about ovens with a self-cleaning feature. The self-cleaning feature is the most abuse the oven goes through, with temperatures cranked up quite high to burn off the grime that accumulates inside. Because of that, it's the most frequent time for an electronic control panel or other sensitive part to fail.

What happens around the country every year on Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is that millions of old folks have all of their kids and families coming home. Everybody's excited, there's going to be a big meal, etc. As part of the prep work, grandma self-cleans the oven and then whole appliance dies because of a bad panel. Because a million other people in the country did the exact same thing, the parts aren't available and repair shops are all closed or over booked. Thanksgiving is ruined.

What we recommend is doing a manual clean with baking soda and vinegar. It’s super easy and doesn’t require any harsh chemicals. Click here to read our guide on how to clean your oven without harmful chemicals.



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