What are graded kitchen appliances?

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What are graded Kitchen Appliances?

Graded appliances, sometimes called B grade stock or factory seconds, are brand new appliances that have been returned to the original supplier or manufacturer. There are multiple reasons for appliances getting sent back to where they came from, the most common is because of cosmetic damage / imperfections to the appliance.

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Where do graded kitchen appliances come from?

Let’s say a customer orders a fridge from a well-known online retailer. When the item is delivered they notice that the side has been dented.

When a customer orders a brand spanking new fridge they expect just that. However, mistakes happen and occasionally items pick up small dents and scratches during the delivery process. Every customer is well within their rights to have a replacement sent out. In most cases they will usually have their replacement within 48 hours.

When the customer receives their new replacement fridge the one with dented side is collected. The vast majority of retailers will not sell appliances with cosmetic imperfections, they are also unable to return them to the original manufacturers. This is where NewLife Appliances comes in.  These returned appliances are essentially brand new and unused, so to prevent them from unnecessarily ending up in a landfill (this actually used to happen!) we take them in. Every item is fully PAT tested by our team of trained engineers, signed off and given a 12 month warranty.  All appliances are then photographed multiple times where we very clearly point out any imperfections to the product before it is available online. As a rule of thumb, we say – If we wouldn’t have it in our own homes we wouldn’t sell it through NewLife.

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How much cheaper are graded kitchen appliances?

This puts us in a very unique position in the online market. We label the products as Graded (New with Cosmetic Imperfections) and then massively undercut the Recommended Retail Prices. If you’re after even more of a bargain then take a look in our Sale Section of the NewLife Appliances website, you will often find Graded Kitchen Appliances (New with Cosmetic Imperfections) with up to 65% off of RRP.  The only drawback is that our stock is limited and sells very fast, to avoid disappointment you have to order fast!


Any of the appliances that don’t make the cut, either from excessive cosmetic damage or mechanical failure are then sent to our spares and repairs department.  These parts will be used for us to supply refurbished kitchen appliances. If you're interested to know more about our refurbished kitchen appliances you should check out this post on everything you need to know about buy a refurbished washing machine. One thing that we are extremely proud of at NewLife Appliances is our contribution to helping create a circular economy and the way that we recycle and reuse weee.

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