Top Hacks for BBQ Bliss

Well, it looks like the typical British weather may take a turn for the better this weekend. So we thought it would be the perfect time to share our top hacks for BBQ bliss with you! So we can all bask in the sunshine as much as possible while it lasts, make sure you follow these top tips!

1. Get yourself some proper tools

It's all well and good using whatever you have to hand around the kitchen. If you have a good set of tools it can make all the difference between burning your food, and skillfully moving it out of the way quickly.

Not only that, the long handled tools will ensure that you don't get burned. Getting yourself a temperature probe will ensure everything is cooked perfectly (especially chicken), and importantly no-one regrets the barbeque afterwards from undercooked meat! If your worried about your food drying out on the BBQ think about getting a herb brush. You can brush on an oil and herb mix in a heat proof material (like silicone), meaning you master the grill.

Making sure you have skewers for your kebabs is a good shout too. If you use wood, then make sure you soak them in water beforehand so they are less likely to burn. Or invest in some metal ones if you are going to be trying to get more BBQ's in this year.

Finally a set of BBQ gloves will mean you can quickly move things without worry. Their heat resistant material will mean your hands are nice and safe.

2. Prepare as Much as You Can Beforehand

If you can prepare side dishes and any marinades beforehand to save time. Then you can concentrate on the cooking!

Want perfect merinades on your meat? Always try your best and get them prepared the night before. If you don't have the time - check out what your local butchers or supermarket has pre-prepared. Chicken and steak are tighter knit proteins, so they will need longer to marinade if you want it to absorb properly in the meat. Thin pieces also work better as it doesn't need to soak in as far.

Don't have much preparation time? With the ever changing weather thats not surprising! BBQ's can happen at short notice here in the UK. Toss every kilogram of meat in half a teaspoon of salt a couple of hours before to help bring out the flavours. If you use coarse salt like sea salt use and extra half a teaspoon as the larger crystals mean more air between each piece of salt!

3. Double Up on Skewers

I'm a big fan of kebabs on the BBQ, with a perfect mix of meat and vegtables or just lots of bright vegtables for a tasty dish.

One thing that can seem enevitable is the food (particularly on the end) falling off the skewer into the abyis of the barbeque below! An easy way to beat gravity? Double up on skewers! A nice easy tip but saves you loosing the rougue pieces of meat or vegtables!

4. Arranging Your Charcoal

Something that you may not have thought of too much, but arranging the charcoal slightly differently can help you so much with your cooking!

Stacking more charcoal on one side of the BBQ, so you have a hotter side, and a cooler side can be the perfect solution to cooking different meats or vegtables on the same grill. This will make sure everything is cooked through, without being burnt.

So there you have it, our latest top hacks for BBQ bliss. Got anymore we've forgotten? Let us know in the comments below!

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