Stay Home Halloween Ideas

So, while some people are going to be out and about trick or treating this Halloween, a few of us will be staying indoors and having an at home Halloween, so here's some of our Stay Home Halloween Ideas!

Now, with two young boys myself I know that I will need a little bit more planning than normal. To make sure they have lots of fun indoors, and don't miss the usual trick or treating too much!


Spooky creatures, garlands, Halloween tinsel, and scary pop out demons. There is plenty of options, whether you go down the scare route, or the fun and colourful route, there is lots to choose from.

Pumpkin and halloween decorations, orange and black

Or if you want to keep kids entertained for longer, pop into the craft section, and pick up some orange and black card. So they can make some of their own decorations!

Pumpkin Carving (Or Not…)

So, if you are fed up with looking at (or eating) leftover pumpkin each year from carving traditional pumpkins. This maybe your year for change, and what better swap to make than to pineapple carving!

Carved Pineapples, pineapples carved with spooky faces for Halloween.

I mean what is not to love?

- Readymade hair for your carved pineapple face

- No harder to carve than a pumpkin

- When you have the candle lit – it smell’s amazing!

- Kids will eat the pineapple (less waste)

- If there is any leftover - it is ready for Halloween Cocktails later

All Important Treats

While you may not be going and knocking on doors and collecting treats you maybe looking for some extra special treats to continue the fun. Halloween Pinata’s can be great fun, also if you get a strong one – it will keep everybody busy for a while! Check this one out on Amazon which has reviews for being “hard to break”  find it here, and stock up on your favourite treats to fill it with!

Bright orange pumpkin pinata

Or if you would like a slightly calmer sweet treat, there are lots of bakeries and shops delivering Halloween sweet treats! These cakesicles from Etsy look spookily tasty.

Cute Halloween Cakesicles, Halloween zombie and mummy cakepops

Here’s the link to CarysCakes on Etsy that sell them here.

Halloween Face Paint

Now this one maybe fairly easy to prepare as you may already have a face paint at home. If you go to the Snazaroo website you will find all manor of different ideas for face paint designs for children you can see their idea’s here

Pinterest or Instagram are also great places to get searching for ideas for designs to paint. If you are lacking in artistic flare – then make sure you start your search with the word “simple”. Or if you children are old enough, then you can let them paint each other’s faces! (Warning – this may involve them wanting to paint your face too... the leftover pineapple in cocktails will help!)

Kids face paint ideas, group of kids with their face painted

Spooky Movie Night

This one is very much dependent on the age and maturity of your children. But there’s always something available for Halloween viewing. Whether it’s the Halloween specials of Pokoyo, or Cory Carson on Netflix. Casper the Friendly Ghost, all the way through to a brilliant classic like Ghostbusters, or the animated delights of Toy Story of Terror. Break out the popcorn and snuggle in!

Cory Carson, and Pokoyo halloween tv show still

There you have it – a few tips to keep everyone busy and entertained! Got anymore Stay Home Halloween Ideas? Add them in the comments below!

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