Kitchen Storage and Space Hacks for a Small Kitchen


GotModern Kitchen 1 a small kitchen? Well on the positive side – it’ll be far quicker to clean and maintain (Remind yourself of this anytime you are looking at a large kitchen with envy) however on the downside - the obvious lack of space.

Well don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas and hacks to help you kitchen running smoothly and organised.

  • First things first – Obvious Clutter.

So you bought blender 4 years ago and it’s hiding in the back of the cupboard ever since, or the fryer that has been collecting dust for a while. If you haven’t used it in the last 6 months- 1year – then it’s probably a sign you don’t really need it. Get it listed on eBay, Facebook marketplace or do a good deed and see if a local charity can give it a new lease of life.

  • Secondly – Less Obvious Clutter

This type of clutter is harder to spot as it is masquerading as useful kitchenware – however making the most of your space also means making sure you don’t have too many of the same items you use Do you really need 10 sets of plates and bowls – when there are only 2 of you living there? Or 20 mugs for your family of 4? By all means keep enough for guests – but likelihood is you only actually use far less and the others are using valuable space.

  • Simple Storage Solutions

Making the most of the space you have is key and it will depend on your kitchen to what works best but here are some of our favourite ideas:-

Over Door Storage Racks

Instant extra storage – food, water bottles, cleaning products anything that is tall works well and can help find a home for items that are sometimes awkward to fit neatly in kitchen cupboards, and at only £10 from Wilko’s you can’t go wrong.

Find it here:-

Cupboard Hacks

In any small kitchen extra cupboard space is always welcome – so other than making sure your glasses and cups easily stack on top of each other – to fit more into the same space – another great addition is stacking shelves for your cupboards to give yourselves more surface area to put your kitchenware on and stack different types of plates and bowels without them toppling over every time you want something from the bottom stack!

These ones pictured came from Amazon find them here: -

But there are plenty different sizes and designs available from shelves to extra drawers – just search Kitchen Cupboard Organisers.

The Infamous Cupboard under the Sink

Such space – but of a weird design with pipes and such getting in the way, most people reserve it for cleaning products – so by using a curtain tension rod – it’s the perfect place to hang cleaning sprays, hang up washing peg bags, and keep everything to hand – while making the most of an odd shaped space.

You can pick up small curtain tension rods from most high street house hold shops very cheaply and they are usually adjustable so they can fit lots of different sizes.

So there you go a few tips to help you on your way to a more organised tiny kitchen – which will make it so much easier to work in.

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