How to Replace the Seals on your Oven

how to replaces the seals on your oven door

Replacing the seals on an oven.

Ovens are an essential everyday appliance to the majority of households. It’s amazing how lost you become when your oven breaks down.  The two most common problems with ovens are uneven cooking and taking a long time to heat up. If your oven is suffering either of these aliments, it’s likely that your need to replace the oven seals.

It sounds like it would be a costly and difficult task to replace the seals on your oven but it is a lot easier than you might think. It should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete the task before your oven is as good as new.

Why do I need to replace the oven door seals?

The seals around your oven door are vital to how your oven works. If you start to notice your oven is taking a long time to heat up, hot air is escaping or food is being cooked unevenly you need to replace the seals. Once this starts to happen it means your food will not cook correctly and it will start to use more energy.  Do not think of it as a daunting task, consider it like changing your windscreen wiper blades. The seal around the door is made of rubber and will naturally wear out over time from day to day use. Its a great idea when you're replacing the oven seal to give your oven a good clean. Read our guide on how to clean your oven.

Replacement seals for your oven are easy to get hold of. It is recommended that you first try contacting your manufacturer as your oven may still be under warranty. Failing that there are a number of useful websites which you can track down spare parts on such as;,, or

How to replace the seals on your oven door?

1. Begin by ensuring that the oven is off at the mains and has completely cooled down before starting.

2. Open the door and local the rubber seal. Some are located on the doors its self-others are attached to the oven.

where is the seal on my oven

3. On most ovens the seals are easily removed by gently pulling them off. However, some ovens do have small screws or hooks holding the seals in place. Make sure these are unscrewed first and keep them safe!

how to remove an oven seal

4. Get some soapy water and thoroughly clean underneath where the old seals were. Once clean make sure that the oven door is dry before continuing.

how to clean under your oven seal

5. Get your new replacement seal and line up one of the corners. Make sure that you work your way around pressing the seal pressing down firmly to ensure it’s fixed in place. If your oven door had screws holding the previous seal in place ensure that the holes all line up.  In theory the seal should go on the same way that the old one came off.

how to replace the seal on your oven

If you find that the seal on your door is just loose and in relatively good condition, there are heat resistant sealants available which will provide a temporary fix.  These are available from the parts websites listed above. Warning: You must make sure that the sealant says it is suitable for ovens as some sealing glues aren’t heat resistant.

If your oven is beyond repair, you should check out our range of refurbished ovens.  All our kitchen appliances come with 12 months guarantee with a range of delivery options available.

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