How To Remove Wax From Clothes


  1. t shirt covered in waxLet the wax completely dry. I know it goes against everything you know about stain removal, Act quick, panic and pour white wine all over it? However, you will find it far easier to remove wax off of your clothing when it has completely cooled.
    1. If you’re in a hurry you can always pour ice cold water onto the wax to make it go back to its hard state
  2. scraping wax off cloths with a knifeScrape as much of the wax off as possible. With either a butter knife or even a spoon (safer option) start to scrape as much of the wax off as possible. Try not to push down to hard as you want to avoid damaging your clothes.
  3. soaking up the wax with tissueIroning out the wax. Get yourself an iron and some sort of absorbing paper. Kitchen paper,
    using the heat form the iron to get the tissue paper to soak up the wax This is what it will look like when the paper begins to absorb the wax

    blotting paper even some toilet paper will do the trick. You now want to sandwich your clothes with the wax stain in-between your absorbent paper of choice. Set your iron to a low temperature and slowly begin to melt the wax. What will happen here is, as the wax melts it will begin to transfer from your clothes and onto the paper. as shown in the picture on the right.

  4. soaking a t shirt in an oxygen-based stain remover
    Soaking in oxygen-based stain remover
    . This step only really needs to be done if you are unlucky enough to have a stain caused by a coloured wax candle. The dyes and oils used to give coloured wax its colour will be left behind. No need to panic, get yourself some oxygen based stain remover – costs between £4 - £7 on Amazon. Then just simply leave the garment to soak overnight.
  5. Final stage invlves washing the t shirt as you usually would do
    Washing Machine
    . Finally place the garment into the washing machine on the stetting you’d usually use. Make sure that you don't under load your washing machine as this may damage your washing machine. If the item is not machine washable you will find it relatively easy to remove the remainder of the stain by hand.
  6. How the t shirt looks once the wax has been removedFinished. Your wax stained clothes should look as good as new! Now you have to remember the next time you’re playing with hot wax is it worth going through all of this again?
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