How long should a washing machine last?


how long does a washing amchine last

It’s a common belief these days that the majority of electrical goods are designed to break, this is known as planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence seems to be quite a talking point in the world of washing machines.  Many people refer back to their trusty old washing machine they bought back in the 80's that only got replaced in the early 2000’s because it looked outdated.  Only to find the new modern super stylish washing machine broke a few years down the line, 'just in time for the manufacturer’s warranty to end'. Funny coincident or clever engineering?

There are two main things to consider. First is our buying nature, we now, unfortunately, live in a very disposable society. It’s normal to update your electronics every 24 months or even less in some cases. Although white goods are slightly different from phones, for example, its common practice to run kitchen appliance into the ground before buying a new one.  The second which is a huge contributor to first point, is our desire for cheap products. Manufactures have to cater to both of these needs. Which in turn will result in a poorer quality product.

This obviously isn’t true for all manufactures and never has the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ been truer than with washing machines. If you are unsure to as what washing machine you should go for check out our Washing Machine Buyers Guide.  If you think you may not be able to afford a top brand washing machine then think again! Check out our Refurbished Washing Machines guide where we outline everything you need to know about buying refurbished. (Even our brand new items are cheaper than any other retailers) – making the desirable affordable.


Manufactures could and most probably do work out the average number of spins a machine will be able to complete before something goes wrong. However, the only company to actually publish the estimated life span of their washing machines is Miele.  Miele say that their washing machines are designed with a life span of around 20 years. Check out our range of Miele washing machines.

The Whitegoods Trade Association or the WTA say that the average lifespan of the humble household washing machine has dropped in relation to the prices. The WTA estimate that the life expectancy of a washing machine has decreased by three years in the past decade or so, meaning many will break a lot sooner than their predecessors. "Over 40% cost under £300. Obviously these cheaper products do not have the same build quality, performance or longevity and therefore the average lifespan has dropped from over 10 years to under seven years," the website says that it is not unusual for cheap low brand budget appliances to last only a few years.

This is why at NewLife Appliances we aim to only stock brands that we trust. We pride ourselves on how cheap and unbeatable our prices are. So much so that if you can find one of our products cheaper from another online retailer we won’t just match the price, we will beat it. Check out our range of washing machines here. – NewLife Appliances - Making the desirable affordable

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