Everything you need to know about buying a refurbished washing machine

Refrubished Washing machine

Buying a refurbished washing machine

The introduction of economy washing machines brands has contributed greatly to the decline in the demand for people purchasing refurbished. You can, if you so wish, purchase a brand new economy washing machine from most large retailers for around £150. However, like most things, you get what you pay for. An average washing machine drum will spin at 1700 rotations per minute, this alone is a very impressing feat of engineering. Combine that with the fact they are making a profit selling them at £150 each, you have to ask yourself the question of ‘how well made can this actually be?’ Although it seems appealing to have a new machine in your kitchen right now, the feeling will be different 12 months down the line when the warranty is up and you’re back online trying to find a replacement.  - It is better to spend slightly more once than to spend just slightly less twice.

What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

Refurbished isn't what most people assume. At NewLife Appliances we deal with two different types of refurbished.  The first and most popular of ours is our graded machines -  ‘Graded, (Nearly New)’ these machines have just been unlucky enough to get damage in transit from their original retailer, as a result they are then rejected by the customer. What would often happen to the machine is, as the large retailers can not sell a scratched item it would head to landfill. Nine times out of ten the damage is just aesthetics (delivery men scratching them on the way into a house) and the machine will still be in brand new working condition. This doesn't mean we just go collect it and re sell it. It is our responsibility to ensure that each machine we sell is full PAT tested by our own trained engineers and signed off as perfect working order. Only then will we offer it back to the public… at an unbeatable price!

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The second type of ‘refurbished’ which it is known in its more traditional sense, is the restoration of previously owned machines. This makes up a small part of our inventory but does allow us to offer top quality brands often at below 60% of recommended retail price. - Making the desirable, affordable.

What we do in this scenario - If a machine came to us and it had broken due to a blown fuse. We wouldn't simply just stick a new fuse in it and label it as refurbished. That’s just repaired… The clue is in our name NewLife, we will aim to make that machine as near as we can to its original state. All of our machines are rigorously PAT tested by our trained engineers where all of the pipes, seals and drain hoses are cleaned and replaced if showing signs of wear, carbon brushes and armatures in the motors are tested and replaced if needed, drum bearings are checked and even if they are making too much noise they’re replaced. Each machine is test and monitored for 24 hours before getting signed off as safe. Nothing gets past our engineers unless they deem it fit for public use and nothing gets sold by us if we wouldn't have it in our own homes.

What can we recommend for a refurbished washing machine?

If you’re tempted to purchase a brand new washing machine for £150 made by economy brands such as Bush, Essentials, Logik etc, you should really reconsider and take a look at what you can get for the same price in our range of reconditioned washing machine.  Starting at around £150 you can own a machine from a very reputable brand such as Bosch, Siemens or Hotpoint. If you’re willing to spend a little more you can start to get Samsung’s and AEG machines.  As previously mentioned, the majority of our machines have never been used by the public before and have just picked up minor cosmetic damage during delivery. We do say on each product page exactly what condition the machine is in and show any damage clearly in photos. If you're unsure to as what you need you should take a look at our washing machine buyers guide.

Click here to view our range of refurbished washing machines.  The image below highlights how you can search between our Graded (Nearly New) and our Refurbished washing machines, by ticking the appropriate filters.

PS.  Here's a link to everything Graded (Nearly New) and Refurbished we offer.
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