Eurovision Snacks At The Ready!

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It's that time of year again, and we have all the perfect snack selection for Eurovision 2021 at the ready for you!

After it being cancelled in 2020, we reckon there'll be lots of us getting settled down together, (and possibly having a few drinks) to have a good giggle together to watch what Rotterdam has in store for us! With 200 million people estimated to watch Eurovision together this year we thought we'd round up the best list of snacks that are quick to make, and even quicker to eat.

The UK entry this year is James Newman, while you may not have heard of him, you will have definitely heard of some of the songs he's wrote, or co-wrote including Ed Sheeran's Lay it All on Me, Jess Glynne's All I Am, Olly Murs' Read My Mind and Little Mix's Love Me Like You. While the UK is usually somewhat a long shot to win, it's always fun to watch along, and see what song (and outfit!) choices everyone makes.

Now onto the food, everyone will need something to snack on, in between songs, so we've rounded up the best sharing snacks for watching along.

Malteser Popcorn Balls
Malteser and popcorn bites piled up in a bowl with a napkin

This quick and simple tasty treat, looks like an absolute dream, and with around 24 made in each batch, they'll be plenty to share and a sure fire hit with any kids staying up to enjoy the party.

Find the recipe here:

Nachos with Chunky Guacamole
Close up image of a nacho's with melted cheese and jalapeno's snack

Nice and quick to make, and a popular choice. If you have children - you can always either split into mini bowels of nachos and put less, or no jalapeno's to taste in the kids portions. Or if you prefer, add some pepperoni, or sour cream dip to enjoy them with.

Find this recipe here:

Cheese and Pickle Pinwheels
A Plate of Cheese and Pickle Pinwheels stacked up on each other

Now you these are a great suggestion and super easy to make, with pre-made puff pastry. Just roll, cut, add your cheese and pickle and roll! They are also perfect for using up bits and pieces of leftovers in your fridge - got some bacon? Add it in, got a variety of cheese's? Perfect! You can also quite easily change them around or make a varied selection if anyone has any particular dietary requirements.

Find the recipe here:

Potato Skins and Dips
3 bowls of colourful dip, with potato skins surrounding it ready to snack on

Perfect for sharing and snacking - while providing you with leftover mash ready for your Sunday dinner, meal prepping like a boss! Now that's the perfect snack selection.

These accompanying dips will make sure there is something everyone will enjoy, and like!

Find the recipe here:

Churros with Chocolate
Small pile of Churros dusted with icing sugar next to a cup with chocolate dip for snacking

As long as you can handle the potential mess or have a very large tray, (and no cream carpets!). These chocolatey treats will go down storm. Not always everyone's go to thought for tv snacking food, so everyone will want to give them a try. They can be a little fiddly to cook, but if you are not confident using a piping bag to put the mix directly in the fryer, then you can also change it up to make Churro bites, and use a small spoon to put the mixture in instead.

Find the full recipe here:

Potato Cakes With Sweet Chilli Sauce
Crispy potato cake snacks with sweet chilli dip on a plate with lime

While you're cooking the churros above in the fryer, you can prep these crispy potato cakes, and cook them straight after! Also good for using the dips from some previous recipes meaning nothing will be wasted!

You can find the recipe here:

Lighter Scotch Eggs
4 Snack Scotch eggs, with one cut in half

There's a little bit more preparation involved in these, but they will be worth it! This picnic classic gets a makeover and being baked not fried. Which means they just need popping in the oven just before you are ready to start!

Here's the recipe for these yummy snacks:

Bacon, Tomato and Feta Rolls
Bacon, Tomato and Feta Snack Rolls on black plate

A twist on the traditional, but delicious flavor's that will want everyone wanting more! Like the pinwheels, if you can quickly mix it up, depending on what you have already.

Find the recipe here:

Bombay Popcorn Mix
Bombay Popcorn Snack Photo, Popcorn bag on it's side with Bombay popcorn falling out.

A great homemade snack of savory salted popcorn, with chickpeas, raisins, nuts and Indian spices. Get everyone to try something they are probably familiar with - but in a new style. Popcorn!

It's really so quick to put together and great for sharing! If you have people who like less spice you can easily split the mix into two before mixing. That way it won't be too strong and everyone can enjoy it.

Find the details here:

And there we have it! Our perfect snack selection ready for Eurovision! Hopefully there's something in there new to try, and let us know what your favorite is!

We've also made up a Eurovision bingo card, see how many you can mark off! It shouldn't be too hard. Let us know how you did. You can tag us in on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Bingo Style Card with ideas to mark off when spotted on Eurovision

Eurovision Bingo!

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