Clothes Feel as Good as New with AEG Tumble Dryers

Tumble dryers help to remove moisture from clothing after it has been washed in a washing machine. In today’s modern households, it is not always possible to dry clothes by natural evaporation and often there is not enough sunlight. This is why tumble dryers have emerged as an integral part of laundry care. If you are thinking of replacing your old dryer or buying a new one, check out NewLife Appliances’ broad selection of tumble dryers from the leading brand, AEG.

Given below are some of the features that make AEG tumble dryers perfect for every household.

# Woolmark accredited tumble dryers

Tumble dryers from the house of AEG are Woolmark accredited, which means that you can dry even your softest wool sweater without any fear. Their dryers come with a unique AbsoluteCare System, which precisely controls the temperature and the movement of the drying drum. You can even put in those woollens that come with ‘hand wash only’ care labels. AEG guarantees no shrinkage.

# Waterproofing membrane restored

Thanks to the AbsoluteCare System of AEG tumble dryers, you can ready any of your outdoor wear for your adventures. Their dryers include a unique innovative programme with fine temperature and precise time control that help restore the waterproof membrane’s water protection capability. So, with tumble dryers from AEG, you can dry hi-tech fabrics with complete peace of mind.

# Clothes feel as good as new

AEG’s tumble dryers do not damage clothes. Their dryers come with energy-efficient SensiDry technology that helps to dry clothes at half the temperature than what is normally required by traditional dryers. The dryers are also equipped with sensor monitors that make sure that your clothes are not subjected to high heat. This helps to keep the texture of your garments intact and you can maintain the newness of your clothes for a very long time.

# Reduced creases and tangles

For AEG, the protection of clothes comes foremost. It is not just a feature for them, but they have built it into the design of their tumble dryers. Equipped with ProText soft drum, the distinctive pattern of the drum enhances airflow to the clothes and decreases creases and tangling.

The superior design combined with great functionality makes AEG’s tumble dryer a fantastic addition to your household. Shop online at NewLife Appliances at competitive prices.

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