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Cleaning your Oven Racks in your Bathtub

You may have read our other article on how to clean your oven using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. But what’s the use in cleaning the oven if you’re going to go and put in dirty racks? This is very easy to do and you can easily (and should) do this task whilst cleaning out your oven.


  1. Protect your bath: place a couple of old towels into the bottom of your baths to prevent the metal from damaging your tub. Place the oven racks on top of the towelshow to clean your oven racks
  2. Cover the racks in hot water: turn on your hot tap only and fill up your bath tub until the racks are covered. Make sure you don’t burn yourself!how to clean you oven racks in the bath
  3. Adding in dishwasher detergent: Add in one dishwasher detergent tablet or half a cup of dishwasher powder/liquid. Mix around the water until its full to clean you oven racks in the bath
  4. Let it soak: If you’re in a rush 4 hours should be enough time for it to soak. But if you’re doing your oven at the same time you may as well just leave the both overnight, it’ll make the next stage to clean you oven racks in the bath
  5. Removing any stains: Once it’s been soaked any stains or unwanted leftovers on the racks should be soft enough to easily wipe to clean you oven racks in the bath
  6. Drying: Give the racks a good dry with a cloth and replace back into the to clean you oven racks in the bath
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