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  • Ideas to bring Autumn Inside your Home

    Simple and quick ideas for Autumn decorations at home.
  • Find Out Why Refurbished Electric Cookers Are Worth Buying

    At NewLife Appliances, we are committed to offering you a wide selection of pre-owned electric cookers to suit your needs, space and budget requirements. Our range of products include freestanding, built-in and integrated electric cookers. It is our aim to reduce the amount of appliances that end up in landfills...
  • A little bit about Gorenje

    Everything you need to know about Gorenje. Gorenje’s origin can be traced back to 1950 to the Špeh blacksmith shop operating in the namesake village of Gorenje.  In March 1953 Ivan Atelšek joined the then small Gorenje and was appointed head of the company. Atelšek took Gorenje from a 10...

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