Buying A New Fridge? Here Is What To Consider Before Making Your Choice

A refrigerator is an important investment that you want to get right. You might think that choosing a fridge is as simple as deciding which one looks good and is able to hold your food, but it is much more than that. Moreover, there are so many different types of fridges to choose from. For instance, NewLife Appliances offers a wide selection of undercounter and integrated refrigerators. Both types of fridges are great, but depend on your specific space, budget and requirement.

The team at NewLife Appliances has put together the most vital factors to consider when purchasing a new fridge. Take a look below.

  • Space considerations: Whilst it is of utmost importance to decide on the place where your fridge will be kept in the kitchen, you must also consider other spatial constraints, such as the size of the doorway, what the doors of the refrigerator might bump into when opened and so on.
  • Your food habits: Ice-maker capability, freezer space, in-door compartments and a number of produce drawers are some of the variable features in the world of fridges. To make sure you choose correctly, we highly recommend that you consider the type of food that you eat, the frequency and quantities in which you buy them. Since our collection of new fridges includes top name brands, such as AEG, Samsung and Whirlpool, we are confident that you will find a refrigerator that suits your specific needs.


  • Consider your cleaning preferences: The shelves of refrigerators come in 2 basic types - wire and smooth. Whilst smooth shelves can be simply wiped clean, wire shelves take more detailed manoeuvring. The exterior material of the fridge also matters and if you cannot stand smudges, you must stay away from stainless steel.


  • Look for energy-efficiency rating: Fridges that come with a high-efficiency rating are the ideal choice as it will help in long-term energy bills savings. At NewLife Appliances, you will find fridges with an energy-efficient rating of A+, A++ and so on.

If you are still confused about which fridge to get for your home, you can always call the friendly executives at NewLife Appliances. We will be more than willing to assist you in making the right investment. Our fridges come with a 12-month in-house warranty, and therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Check out our selection of fridges, today!

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