Beko Washing Machines Handles Laundry with Care

For any modern household, a washing machine is one of the most important gadgets. It offers complete comfort whilst washing clothes. If you want to replace your old washing machine, you can peruse NewLife Appliances’ vast selection of Beko Washing Machines from the leading brand, Beko. We offer integrated and freestanding washing machines from this brand that has capacities ranging from a small five kg to a large twelve kg. It is our belief that there is a Beko washing machine for every home.

Take a look below at some of the features that make Beko washing machines the ultimate choice for you.

  • Energy-efficient: The need to save energy has never been more important than now and Beko with its lofty environmental vision manufactures washing machines that have the ability to save ten percent more than A+++ energy class.


  • Anti-allergic Cleaning Results: Did you know that twelve percent of all babies are allergic? Thanks to Beko washing machines, you can carry out anti-allergic laundry for your little one. Owing to its Baby Protect+ programme, you can look forward to achieving optimal hygienic cleaning as a result of sensitive temperature control and additional drum movements.


  • Silent Washing: Beko’s silent tech technology makes sure that you get to enjoy the comfort of silence whilst the machine takes care of your laundry. Washing machines from Beko operate at a 65 dBA noise level, which is about seven times quieter than other washing machines.


  • Saves water, energy and detergent: A smart washing machine from Beko will help you in saving not just water, but also energy and detergent thanks to the specifically designed Aquafusion technology. On an average, you will be able to save 5.5 kg of detergent annually.


  • Removes dust mites: Dust mites are generally known to live in mattresses, duvets and pillows, and they are one of the main causes of allergies and asthma. With Beko’s washing machines featuring a specially designed Duvet Programme, you can take care of the problem of dust mites with great ease.


Washing machines from Beko showcase superior design and innovative technology, making it the best choice. At NewLife Appliances, we bring to you a wide range of brand new, refurbished and graded Beko washing machines in varied sizes and colour options. Furthermore, all of our products come with a 12-month in-house warranty, along with the manufacturer's warranty. So, place your order online today or contact us.

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