11 Foods that are not meant to go in the Fridge


It is easy to consider the fridge as a guardian of all things food. However, there are in fact certain foods that when place in the fridge it will do more damage than good. Which ones of these can be found in yours?

These foods and drinks won’t cause you any harm when refrigerated they will just spoil the textures and tastes.


Why olive oil shouldn't go in the fridge

Technically not a food… more of an ingredient, but nonetheless, placing oils into the fridge will turn them in to a stodgy thick gloopy-like substance.  This is truer with olive oil more than any other as it solidifies at cooler temperatures.

If you do find yourself with a thick bottle of olive oil simply remove it and let it get back to room temperature. This will resort it back to its former glory.


why not to put coffee in the fridge


Coffee in any of its forms should never be kept behind the closed door of your fridge. The issue you have when placing coffee in your fridge is that it’s prone to absorbing smells. Which makes it great for removing odor, read our guide 5 cheap natural ways to prevent your fridge from smelling.  The longer you leave your coffee in there the more its chilled inmates will begin to pass on their scents.  Your former bag of deep tasting rich coffee will have the aroma of Camembert and forgotten veg.

This doesn’t apply to me as I don’t keep any smelly things in my fridge’ – Touché! However, Another problem with keeping coffee in the fridge is that once it begins to get back towards room temperature, moisture will start to come off, this essentially de-saturates’ the flavour right out of the bean.


Why tomatoes shouldn't go in the fridge

This is one of the more common fridge sins. The problem with placing tomatoes in the fridge is that the cold breaks down the texture. Tomatoes do best at room temperature and keep their crunchy juicy consistency for longer.  – Think about where you'd find them in the supermarket.


why you shouldnt put onions in teh fridge

Very similar to tomatoes, if left in the fridge for too long, the cold will break down the texture of the causing them to become un-chop-able mushy balls.  Onions are also very aggressive on the smell front. They will, over time, begin to make other items in the fridge have an onion aroma… Onion infused coffee anyone?


why you shouldnt put potatoes in the fridge

The cold temperatures inside your fridge will break down the starch within your potatoes. Once this starts to happen you’ll be left with a gritty / sweat spud which isn't much use for anything.


why you shouldn't put bananas in the fridge

This is quite a hot topic amongst banana enthusiasts. In short, when a banana gets below 11°C the enzymes that bring about the ripening process go dormant.  This won’t affect the taste it’ll just prevent them from ripening.  It will also make the skin dehydrate and go black, although the banana inside will be fine it’ll look very off putting.


why you shouldnt put honey in the fridge

Simply put, honey doesn't go off. A jar of honey was found a 100 miles outside of Tbilisi, Georgia that is believed to be about 5,500 years old and is said to be still fit for consumption.

Putting a jar of honey in the fridge will actually spoil it. The cold will increases the speed of the sugar crystallization. This eventually turns the jar of runny honey into a hard cloudy brick which is very difficult to scoop out.


why you hsould not put garlic in the fridge

Minced garlic in a jar is fine, fresh however, that’s a whole new ball game. Garlic will last for 2 – 3 months in a cool dark place. Once it is refrigerated the cold damp atmosphere will encourage the growth of mold and begin to soften up the cloves into rubbery tasteless pellets.


why you should not put melons in the fridge

Even though you are told time and time again that you must refrigerated fruit, melons are an exception to the rule (until cut open). Research shows that keeping un-cut melons at room temperature will help preserve the natural antioxidants within.


why you should not put avocados in the fridge

Avocados, like a lot fruits, are harvested when unripe.  This ensures that when they arrive on the supermarket shelves they have the longest life possible. With avocados they seem to take this to the extreme. They are sold as small green rocks which you have to leave for a week before you can start to enjoy.

So why shouldn't you refrigerate them? Same as bananas, once an avocado gets too cold the enzymes that cause them to ripen go dormant. It’ll be months before you can enjoy them.

Fresh Herbs

Whyfresh herbs shouldn't go in the fridge

Very similar to coffee in that herbs are amazing at absorbing smells. This will spoil the taste of your herbs (its only function in life). If you insist on keeping herbs in your fridge it’s recommended that you do so in an air tight container.


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