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  • Clothes Feel as Good as New with AEG Tumble Dryers

    Tumble dryers help to remove moisture from clothing after it has been washed in a washing machine. In today’s modern households, it is not always possible to dry clothes by natural evaporation and often there is not enough sunlight. This is why tumble dryers have emerged as an integral part of laundry care. If you are thinking of replacing your old dryer or buying a new one, check out NewLife Appliances’ broad selection of tumble dryers from the leading brand, AEG.

    Given below are some of the features that make AEG tumble dryers perfect for every household.

    # Woolmark accredited tumble dryers

    Tumble dryers from the house of AEG are Woolmark accredited, which means that you can dry even your softest wool sweater without any fear. Their dryers come with a unique AbsoluteCare System, which precisely controls the temperature and the movement of the drying drum. You can even put in those woollens that come with ‘hand wash only’ care labels. AEG guarantees no shrinkage.

    # Waterproofing membrane restored

    Thanks to the AbsoluteCare System of AEG tumble dryers, you can ready any of your outdoor wear for your adventures. Their dryers include a unique innovative programme with fine temperature and precise time control that help restore the waterproof membrane’s water protection capability. So, with tumble dryers from AEG, you can dry hi-tech fabrics with complete peace of mind.

    # Clothes feel as good as new

    AEG’s tumble dryers do not damage clothes. Their dryers come with energy-efficient SensiDry technology that helps to dry clothes at half the temperature than what is normally required by traditional dryers. The dryers are also equipped with sensor monitors that make sure that your clothes are not subjected to high heat. This helps to keep the texture of your garments intact and you can maintain the newness of your clothes for a very long time.

    # Reduced creases and tangles

    For AEG, the protection of clothes comes foremost. It is not just a feature for them, but they have built it into the design of their tumble dryers. Equipped with ProText soft drum, the distinctive pattern of the drum enhances airflow to the clothes and decreases creases and tangling.

    The superior design combined with great functionality makes AEG’s tumble dryer a fantastic addition to your household. Shop online at NewLife Appliances at competitive prices.

  • Everything you need to know about buying a refurbished washing machine

    Refrubished Washing machine

    Buying a refurbished washing machine

    The introduction of economy washing machines brands has contributed greatly to the decline in the demand for people purchasing refurbished. You can, if you so wish, purchase a brand new economy washing machine from most large retailers for around £150. However, like most things, you get what you pay for. An average washing machine drum will spin at 1700 rotations per minute, this alone is a very impressing feat of engineering. Combine that with the fact they are making a profit selling them at £150 each, you have to ask yourself the question of ‘how well made can this actually be?’ Although it seems appealing to have a new machine in your kitchen right now, the feeling will be different 12 months down the line when the warranty is up and you’re back online trying to find a replacement.  - It is better to spend slightly more once than to spend just slightly less twice.

    What Does “Refurbished” Mean?

    Refurbished isn't what most people assume. At NewLife Appliances we deal with two different types of refurbished.  The first and most popular of ours is our graded machines -  ‘Graded, (Nearly New)’ these machines have just been unlucky enough to get damage in transit from their original retailer, as a result they are then rejected by the customer. What would often happen to the machine is, as the large retailers can not sell a scratched item it would head to landfill. Nine times out of ten the damage is just aesthetics (delivery men scratching them on the way into a house) and the machine will still be in brand new working condition. This doesn't mean we just go collect it and re sell it. It is our responsibility to ensure that each machine we sell is full PAT tested by our own trained engineers and signed off as perfect working order. Only then will we offer it back to the public… at an unbeatable price!

    where to get a trusted and cheapest refurbished washing machine
    The second type of ‘refurbished’ which it is known in its more traditional sense, is the restoration of previously owned machines. This makes up a small part of our inventory but does allow us to offer top quality brands often at below 60% of recommended retail price. - Making the desirable, affordable.

    What we do in this scenario - If a machine came to us and it had broken due to a blown fuse. We wouldn't simply just stick a new fuse in it and label it as refurbished. That’s just repaired… The clue is in our name NewLife, we will aim to make that machine as near as we can to its original state. All of our machines are rigorously PAT tested by our trained engineers where all of the pipes, seals and drain hoses are cleaned and replaced if showing signs of wear, carbon brushes and armatures in the motors are tested and replaced if needed, drum bearings are checked and even if they are making too much noise they’re replaced. Each machine is test and monitored for 24 hours before getting signed off as safe. Nothing gets past our engineers unless they deem it fit for public use and nothing gets sold by us if we wouldn't have it in our own homes.

    What can we recommend for a refurbished washing machine?

    If you’re tempted to purchase a brand new washing machine for £150 made by economy brands such as Bush, Essentials, Logik etc, you should really reconsider and take a look at what you can get for the same price in our range of reconditioned washing machine.  Starting at around £150 you can own a machine from a very reputable brand such as Bosch, Siemens or Hotpoint. If you’re willing to spend a little more you can start to get Samsung’s and AEG machines.  As previously mentioned, the majority of our machines have never been used by the public before and have just picked up minor cosmetic damage during delivery. We do say on each product page exactly what condition the machine is in and show any damage clearly in photos. If you're unsure to as what you need you should take a look at our washing machine buyers guide.

    Click here to view our range of refurbished washing machines.  The image below highlights how you can search between our Graded (Nearly New) and our Refurbished washing machines, by ticking the appropriate filters.

    PS.  Here's a link to everything Graded (Nearly New) and Refurbished we offer.
    Please check back weekly for more great bargains.

  • Common Fridge Problems to look out for

    In this week's article we focus on the common fridge problems that arise for our appliances.

    Jack our trusty engineer has a handful of tips to ensure that your appliance lives a long, happy and healthy life.

    Inside the Fridge Freezer

    1. Don't overload your fridge as this could block circulation and cause the fridge not to cool properly throughout.
    2. Check the evaporation hole, located at the bottom rear of the fridge section, is not obstructed or clogged up as this could lead to ice build up or inversely, a temperature increase.
    3. Frequently check to see or hear if the fan is operating as expected.   The fan is located behind the freezer box compartment.
    4. Ensure that your doors shut firmly and the seals are secure and inline.  This could also lead to temperature fluctuations due to air escape/entry.

      Outside the Fridge Freezer

    1. Check if you can hear the compressor running.  This is the usual humming sound your hear emitting from these appliances.
    2. Along the back of the appliance, you'll notice that there is a tube running downwards towards a plastic reservoir on top of what is the compressor.  Please check the pipe isn't blocked and the reservoir isn't either.
    3. Be sure to check the wiring on the back of the unit for obvious signs of damage, particularly around the compressor at the bottom where this commonly occurs.
    4. Examine the door seals for rips and tears from the outside as well as the in as this can cause unwanted build of of dirt and bacteria, increasing levels of bad hygiene.

    So there you are, the most Common Fridge Problems laid out in front of you.  Follow these simple housekeeping tasks and you'll not go far wrong.

  • Beko Washing Machines Handles Laundry with Care

    For any modern household, a washing machine is one of the most important gadgets. It offers complete comfort whilst washing clothes. If you want to replace your old washing machine, you can peruse NewLife Appliances’ vast selection of Beko Washing Machines from the leading brand, Beko. We offer integrated and freestanding washing machines from this brand that has capacities ranging from a small five kg to a large twelve kg. It is our belief that there is a Beko washing machine for every home.

    Take a look below at some of the features that make Beko washing machines the ultimate choice for you.

    • Energy-efficient: The need to save energy has never been more important than now and Beko with its lofty environmental vision manufactures washing machines that have the ability to save ten percent more than A+++ energy class.


    • Anti-allergic Cleaning Results: Did you know that twelve percent of all babies are allergic? Thanks to Beko washing machines, you can carry out anti-allergic laundry for your little one. Owing to its Baby Protect+ programme, you can look forward to achieving optimal hygienic cleaning as a result of sensitive temperature control and additional drum movements.


    • Silent Washing: Beko’s silent tech technology makes sure that you get to enjoy the comfort of silence whilst the machine takes care of your laundry. Washing machines from Beko operate at a 65 dBA noise level, which is about seven times quieter than other washing machines.


    • Saves water, energy and detergent: A smart washing machine from Beko will help you in saving not just water, but also energy and detergent thanks to the specifically designed Aquafusion technology. On an average, you will be able to save 5.5 kg of detergent annually.


    • Removes dust mites: Dust mites are generally known to live in mattresses, duvets and pillows, and they are one of the main causes of allergies and asthma. With Beko’s washing machines featuring a specially designed Duvet Programme, you can take care of the problem of dust mites with great ease.


    Washing machines from Beko showcase superior design and innovative technology, making it the best choice. At NewLife Appliances, we bring to you a wide range of brand new, refurbished and graded Beko washing machines in varied sizes and colour options. Furthermore, all of our products come with a 12-month in-house warranty, along with the manufacturer's warranty. So, place your order online today or contact us.

  • My Refrigerator isn't working properly. Did I switch it on too soon after I took delivery?

    The issue

    In this article we will discuss a common issue that is raised by some customers regarding used and refurbished refrigerators and after-sale failure reports

    In the past, customers have reported faults when receiving their Used, Graded and Refurbished Refrigerators and Fridge Freezers. Customers have switched the newly purchased machines on, only to find that the unit is not working, possibly failing to cool or giving off unexpected or incorrect readings?

    Universally across the refurbished appliances sector, these type of problems have caused upset for the customer and a loss of faith in buying refurbished appliances.  NewLife, being a business that is focused on reuse, sustainability and the Circular Economy as a whole was naturally eager to delve into these type of issues to see the cause of the issues experienced.  After discussing the matter with our qualified engineers, we discovered that the cause could, in the majority of cases, be resolved and the solution quite simple.

    The common cause

    By looking into each individual case, we realised that the actual cause was entirely logical and the resolution, quite a simple one.

    As with all Graded and Refurbished Appliances, NewLife carry out thorough proven and audited tests to ensure that, not only our Fridges, but all our appliances are working and reliable 100% prior to dispatch.  Ironically, this is where a major contributor to the issue lay at hand.

    The Technical Workings of a standard refrigerator

    For those interested in the technical in's and out's and to understand the cause, here's some detailing from Jack, one of our our very talented fridge engineers:

    1. The cooling substance in the appliance is liquid until it passes into the dryer, where it becomes a gas again.
    2. When the gas reaches the Evaporator Grill, it reduces to a cold temperature, turning the refrigerant into liquid once again and cooling the Evaporator Grill.
    3. The fan forces cold air from the Evaporator Grill around the fan cabinet.
    4. The cold air then passes through a duct (flap), that then opens constantly when the fan is running to cool the fridge section down.
    5. The thermostat controls the temperature of the fridge section which will instruct the compressor to begin a cycle.
    6. The defrost timer is on a constant cycle while the fridge is running.  At around 12 - 16 hours it will instruct the thermostat to stop and the defrost heater to kick in.
    7. The defrost heater will run for 30 minutes until indicated by the defrost timer to reduce the amount of ice build up

    "WOW" This all sounds very technical and under control.  So why do these issues arise?

    So with all the things happening inside the refrigerator (liquids turning into gases and vice versa), you can expect condensation to build as soon as the refrigerators are switched off for sale/delivery as the gas condenses.  This becomes a problem for retailers such as ourselves, selling Graded and Refurbished appliances as they are always switched on and fully compliant tested pre shipping of course.

    When the items are delivered to customers, the fridge will change temperature and cause the condensation to develop inside the appliance cooling circuits. If the appliance is switched on without allowing sufficient time for this condensation to stabilise in the ambient temperature, it may appear that the appliance is faulty.

    The condensation can quite easily change temperature and freeze up the internal workings, including the evaporator grill and fan parts, which can also affect the readouts on the thermostat.

    The solution (HOORAH)

    Our engineers have monitored very carefully the recovery rates of a standard refrigerator, to establish when it should be safe to assume that all the condensation and liquid has dissipated.

    Often you will see recommendations of 12 or 24 hours on an appliance, but we think to ensure that your appliance is at its best health when switched on, we highly recommend giving the appliance up to 48 hours before switching it on.

    So to sum it up; being patient is key. Wait 48 hours = “HAPPY DAYS”


    Since doing our research, we have seen a drastic drop in failures rates linked to condensation issues. This is not only excellent advice for anyone out there who is thinking about purchasing a refurbished or graded refrigerator, but it also allows NewLife to continue reproducing excellent reuse appliances, while being confident in knowing we can offer a quality and reliable product at great value and doing our bit for sustainability, the environment and the Circular Economy.

    If you are interested in discovering graded and refurbished refrigeration, please check out our Refrigeration Category by clicking here. Or see our other wide range of all domestic kitchen appliances – Thank you.

    Until next time,
    Your NewLife “Friendly Fixer” Team


  • Beko Freezers: A Great Addition to Any Modern Household

    Freezers are a must-have addition to any household. A well-stocked freezer means that you can dish up meals easily and quickly. Also, you will be able to prepare meals in advance and freeze some portions for later, saving waste and time. If you are looking to replace your old freezer or getting a new one, check out the large selection of freezers from Beko at NewLife Appliances. We are one of the leading online retail stores in the UK providing appliances at the most affordable prices.

    Beko Freezers Combine Style with Functionality
    Irrespective of the size of freezer you are looking for, you can be sure of finding what you need in our Beko freezer section. Beko freezers are available in a wide range of sizes and seamlessly blend contemporary design with the very latest in freezer technology. These freezers come with a frost-free feature, which means that you do not have to defrost your freezer ever again. You can choose from tall, high capacity food storage units to snug undercounter freezers from Beko.

    Food Always Feels Fresh in a Beko Freezer
    The freezers manufactured by Beko feature EverFresh technology, which helps to keep vegetables and fruits fresh for as long as thirty days. This means that your food will always be delicious, whether your healthy diet starts the next day or next month. At NewLife Appliances, our engineers run thorough testing to ensure that the technologies promised by the brand are functioning at its optimum. So, when shopping with us, you have nothing to worry about.

    Beko Freezers are Energy-efficient
    Beko freezers have a minimum A class energy efficiency ratings, which means that they not only protect your food, but also take care of your electricity bill. Since the costs of running the freezer are low, you can look forward to keeping the costs of electricity to the bare minimum. In case you are on a tight budget, we would highly recommend you to take home a Beko freezer.

    Beko freezers showcase a simple, no frills design and sit almost perfectly with any kitchen decor or pantry area. If you do not have the budget for a brand new Beko freezer, NewLife Appliances offers a wide selection of refurbished and graded freezers, as well. All of the freezers sold at our online store carry a 12-month free warranty. So, place your order, today!

  • Buying A New Fridge? Here Is What To Consider Before Making Your Choice

    A refrigerator is an important investment that you want to get right. You might think that choosing a fridge is as simple as deciding which one looks good and is able to hold your food, but it is much more than that. Moreover, there are so many different types of fridges to choose from. For instance, NewLife Appliances offers a wide selection of undercounter and integrated refrigerators. Both types of fridges are great, but depend on your specific space, budget and requirement.

    The team at NewLife Appliances has put together the most vital factors to consider when purchasing a new fridge. Take a look below.

    • Space considerations: Whilst it is of utmost importance to decide on the place where your fridge will be kept in the kitchen, you must also consider other spatial constraints, such as the size of the doorway, what the doors of the refrigerator might bump into when opened and so on.
    • Your food habits: Ice-maker capability, freezer space, in-door compartments and a number of produce drawers are some of the variable features in the world of fridges. To make sure you choose correctly, we highly recommend that you consider the type of food that you eat, the frequency and quantities in which you buy them. Since our collection of new fridges includes top name brands, such as AEG, Samsung and Whirlpool, we are confident that you will find a refrigerator that suits your specific needs.


    • Consider your cleaning preferences: The shelves of refrigerators come in 2 basic types - wire and smooth. Whilst smooth shelves can be simply wiped clean, wire shelves take more detailed manoeuvring. The exterior material of the fridge also matters and if you cannot stand smudges, you must stay away from stainless steel.


    • Look for energy-efficiency rating: Fridges that come with a high-efficiency rating are the ideal choice as it will help in long-term energy bills savings. At NewLife Appliances, you will find fridges with an energy-efficient rating of A+, A++ and so on.

    If you are still confused about which fridge to get for your home, you can always call the friendly executives at NewLife Appliances. We will be more than willing to assist you in making the right investment. Our fridges come with a 12-month in-house warranty, and therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Check out our selection of fridges, today!

  • How long should a washing machine last?


    how long does a washing amchine last

    It’s a common belief these days that the majority of electrical goods are designed to break, this is known as planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence seems to be quite a talking point in the world of washing machines.  Many people refer back to their trusty old washing machine they bought back in the 80's that only got replaced in the early 2000’s because it looked outdated.  Only to find the new modern super stylish washing machine broke a few years down the line, 'just in time for the manufacturer’s warranty to end'. Funny coincident or clever engineering?

    There are two main things to consider. First is our buying nature, we now, unfortunately, live in a very disposable society. It’s normal to update your electronics every 24 months or even less in some cases. Although white goods are slightly different from phones, for example, its common practice to run kitchen appliance into the ground before buying a new one.  The second which is a huge contributor to first point, is our desire for cheap products. Manufactures have to cater to both of these needs. Which in turn will result in a poorer quality product.

    This obviously isn’t true for all manufactures and never has the expression ‘you get what you pay for’ been truer than with washing machines. If you are unsure to as what washing machine you should go for check out our Washing Machine Buyers Guide.  If you think you may not be able to afford a top brand washing machine then think again! Check out our Refurbished Washing Machines guide where we outline everything you need to know about buying refurbished. (Even our brand new items are cheaper than any other retailers) – making the desirable affordable.


    Manufactures could and most probably do work out the average number of spins a machine will be able to complete before something goes wrong. However, the only company to actually publish the estimated life span of their washing machines is Miele.  Miele say that their washing machines are designed with a life span of around 20 years. Check out our range of Miele washing machines.

    The Whitegoods Trade Association or the WTA say that the average lifespan of the humble household washing machine has dropped in relation to the prices. The WTA estimate that the life expectancy of a washing machine has decreased by three years in the past decade or so, meaning many will break a lot sooner than their predecessors. "Over 40% cost under £300. Obviously these cheaper products do not have the same build quality, performance or longevity and therefore the average lifespan has dropped from over 10 years to under seven years," the website says that it is not unusual for cheap low brand budget appliances to last only a few years.

    This is why at NewLife Appliances we aim to only stock brands that we trust. We pride ourselves on how cheap and unbeatable our prices are. So much so that if you can find one of our products cheaper from another online retailer we won’t just match the price, we will beat it. Check out our range of washing machines here. – NewLife Appliances - Making the desirable affordable

  • European Agency is considering the merits of using variable VAT rates to promote Environmental Agenda.

    Just like the Government reduces VAT in the UK on items it considers beneficial / essential, Europe is now looking at the possibility of varying VAT rates for Environmental Objectives.  This has to be good news for Reuse, increasing the profile of our great industry and making the products even more affordable.

    Click here to see the full article on the FEAD website.

  • Short explanation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE)


    What does WEEE stand for?

    WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

    What is WEEE? 

    Every year in the UK an estimated that 2 million tons of WEEE items are discarded by companies and householders.  The easiest way to determine what products fall into the WEEE category is by asking yourself two simple questions.

    1. Does it have a plug?
    2. Does it require batteries? 

    In 2006 the WEEE Regulations were set by the original WEEE directive in the UK.  With this came the associated requirements for the recovery, reuse, recycling and treatment of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

    The recycling of WEEE products falls under a specialist part of the recycling and waste industry. This sub-sector of the waste industry is one of the fastest growing due to the original WEEE Directive back in 2006.  On the 1st of January 2014 the ‘Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013’ replaced the old regulations.

    WEEE products are currently broken down into ten broad categories within ‘The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013’ NewLife appliances mainly deals within the first three;

    Large household appliances – washing machines, fridges, cookers, ovens, dishwashers tumble dryers

    1. Small household appliances – toasters, clocks, kettles, irons, hair straighteners
    2. Telecommunications and IT equipment – laptops, calculators, printers, photocopiers, telephones
    3. Lighting equipment – high intensity discharge lamps, fluorescent tubes
    4. Electrical tools – sewing machines, drills, jigsaws, lawnmowers, saws
    5. Sports equipment, leisure and toys – treadmill, games consoles, electric trains
    6. Automatic dispensers – ATMs, hot drinks machines
    7. Consumers equipment – televisions, stereos, cameras, musical instruments, radios
    8. None infected medical equipment – medical freezers, cardiology equipment, dialysis machines
    9. Control, monitoring and safety equipment – smoke alarms, heating regulators, thermostats

    These categories will be extended to cover a greater range of electric and electronic equipment (EEE) from January 2019.









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