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Welcome to NewLife Appliances, the re-use sales arm of the UK's largest independent electrical re-use and recycling specialist of WEEE

  • Stay Home Halloween Ideas

    So, while some people are going to be out and about trick or treating this Halloween, a few of us will be staying indoors and having an at home Halloween, so here's some of our Stay Home Halloween Ideas! Now, with two young boys myself I know that I will...
  • Ideas to bring Autumn Inside your Home

    Simple and quick ideas for Autumn decorations at home.
  • How to Get Rid of Lime Scale in Bathrooms

    How to Get Rid of Lime Scale in Bathrooms? We’ve had a roundup of the best way to get rid of limescale once and for all at home. Whether it’s something to clear a build-up, or something to keep it away here are our top solutions. What is Limescale? Lime scale...
  • 7 Top Tips for Saving Energy in your Home on a Budget

    We all know the big money saving tips when it gets to saving energy in the house, like making sure lofts are insulated and the benefits of double glazing - but if you have these done already, or don't have funds right now for a big change here are some...
  • When you Shouldn't use Fabric Softner and Dryer Sheets

    Ahh fabric softener - a staple in most households to help give clothes and fabrics a lovely smell and get everything soft and cozy. Cleaning products have instructions on the back for a reason, which is why everyone should check the back of the bottle. But a lot of people...
  • 10 Steps for Maintaining Your Washing Machine

    Looking after your washing machine with regular maintenance is the best way to ensure it lasts a long time, avoids breakdowns and keeps it running smoothly. Not having a working washing machine is never good – especially if you have a family as the laundry pile soon starts to pile...
  • Kitchen Storage and Space Hacks for a Small Kitchen

      Got a small kitchen? Well on the positive side – it’ll be far quicker to clean and maintain (Remind yourself of this anytime you are looking at a large kitchen with envy) however on the downside - the obvious lack of space. Well don’t worry, we’ve got some great...
  • Clothes Feel as Good as New with AEG Tumble Dryers

    Tumble dryers help to remove moisture from clothing after it has been washed in a washing machine. In today’s modern households, it is not always possible to dry clothes by natural evaporation and often there is not enough sunlight. This is why tumble dryers have emerged as an integral part...
  • Everything you need to know about buying a refurbished washing machine

    Buying a refurbished washing machine The introduction of economy washing machines brands has contributed greatly to the decline in the demand for people purchasing refurbished. You can, if you so wish, purchase a brand new economy washing machine from most large retailers for around £150. However, like most things, you...
  • Common Fridge Problems to look out for

    In this week's article we focus on the common fridge problems that arise for our appliances. Jack our trusty engineer has a handful of tips to ensure that your appliance lives a long, happy and healthy life. Inside the Fridge Freezer Don't overload your fridge as this could block circulation and...

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